Fleeting, Self-Indulgent Hot List.

1. Hana Food's "Monkey Ass" Sandwich.

2. "Major Label Debut (Fast)".

3. Warm weather & iced Americanos.

4. McCarren Park.

5. The L Train.

6. Shonen Jump.

7. Pitchfork Music Festival 2010.

My Life In Photographs.
My Life Through Moving Pictures.

Final Paper.

You can download it here.

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Motion Graphics.

“Big Love” // Final (Beta) from Phillip Retuta. on Vimeo.

I know this has nothing to with my Interactivity Studio, but I’m sort of proud of this. Plus, any DT’ers reading this, I know the semester is over, but I’d like to complete this project for my personal portfolio. Call me!

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Almost Had A Heart Attack…

…because the index.php of this URL went straight to my Directory Listing. Thank goodness for my old roommate, Kenneth Lin, for restoring the blog.

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ITP Spring Show 2010.


Photos from NYU’s ITP Show are now up. I must say, since I hardly saw the Parsons MFA DT Symposium because I was running a photobooth, the show was genuinely inspiring.

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Final Presentation: Powerpoint.

You can download my final presentation over here. Overall, I think my presentation went over very well. I just wish I wasn’t so awkward and nervous when I present; I think I rationalized one of my design precedents by stumbling over my words and thoughts, and saying, “…because… it’s cool…?”

Nonetheless, the critics were very objective and seemed to grasp my concept. That’s all I can ask for.

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Domain Map.

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Hi-Fidelity, Final Prototype.

So after a few days of wracking my brain over how to implement Processing online, I managed to get the code to work by signing the Java application through Terminal.

Check it out (you need updated Java software in your web browser as well as a webcam — again, if it doesn’t initially work, refresh):

Link to the test.
Link to the Processing application.

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Digital Typefaces.

For the Processing component, I developed several .png’s. Each transparent image has a phrase that correlates to a specific Myers-Briggs personality. Using Helvetica as the type — a font that has gained popularity in hip, artistic crowds — and actual spray painted textures, I was able to finally develop the digital typefaces that I want to utilize in my final project.

Here’s the spray painted texture I scanned and ultimately color-corrected in Photoshop:

And here are the various Myers-Briggs personality treatments:








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The Art Installation, A Paper-Prototype Mock-Up.

Since, given the allotted time, it would be difficult to construct a large-scale, actual art installation, I decided to create a scaled mock-up of what the structure would look like. Thank goodness I have full-body portraiture from the OneZero MFA DT Thesis Symposium…



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Process Prototyping.

So in my last presentation, Daniel Ward recommended I should approach my project more digitally. I decided to experiment with Processing, which isn’t too difficult. However, getting the application to work online is an entirely different story. It would appear you need to change the permissions and have up-to-date Java software for the application to function on the internet. After a few hours of coding and messing around with permissions in Terminal in the computer lab, I finally got the first digital prototype to work.

Here’s a screenshot:

Check it out! It’s a little buggy, so you may need to refresh the page a few times.

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