Fleeting, Self-Indulgent Hot List.

1. Hana Food's "Monkey Ass" Sandwich.

2. "Major Label Debut (Fast)".

3. Warm weather & iced Americanos.

4. McCarren Park.

5. The L Train.

6. Shonen Jump.

7. Pitchfork Music Festival 2010.

My Life In Photographs.
My Life Through Moving Pictures.

Final Project: Writing Workshop: Clay and Jess’ Thesis Process.

2. List the thesis process steps that Jessica & Clay describe:

1. Conceive idea (initially a computer game) about health care management
2. Branch out to possible resources (helpnyc.com)
3. Went to africa for OSI, gained inspiration
4. Creating a prototype game using real data during Midterms
5. Look for users and play-test.
6. Looking for illustrators to make the board game (though regrets not looking for illustrators earlier)

1. Visited every public beach in New York.
2. Asked visitors what they thought about the beach.
3. Began research both on the web and in libraries
4. Compiled the history of NYC beaches and water safety
5. Googled everybody with the terms “NYC,” “beach,” “water”, etc. and made calls and sent out emails
6. Did a lot of soul-searching and got over her fear of approaching people
7. Became comfortable making mistakes, choosing topics, and not boxing herself in.
8. Went crazy.

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